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Our objective is to design our processes as climate friendly as possible. To move objects, energy is necessary. During transport fossil fuels are burned, so it is simply not possible for us to completely avoid all CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, we want to contribute to climate protection by minimising CO2 emissions and compensating them subsequently.

Compensation by
climate-neutral shipping options

Today, the environmental orientation of a company strongly influences the purchasing decision of a customer. Many consciously decide to use environmentally friendly shipping and are willing to accept additional costs. We have been focusing on sustainable shipping for a long time. That’s why we work with shipping partners that offer a variety of sustainable and climate-neutral shipping options.

Choosing sustainable fulfillment solutions can be of great benefit to your business by successfully meeting the growing demand for sustainability on the part of customers.


GoGreen Shipping with DHL

DHL offers environmentally friendly shipping for all packages. The GoGreen environmental protection programme contains a number of climate protection projects that offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by parcel transport. Der 100 % klimaneutrale deutschlandweite Versand ist für die Kunden ohne Mehrkosten. The 100% climate-neutral Germany-wide shipping comes at no extra costs for the customers.

CO2-neutral shipping with DPD

DPD offers climate-neutral shipping for all parcels throughout Europe at no additional cost. By measuring the carbon footprint per package, it aims to reduce it and offset the remaining emissions by financing clean energy projects around the world.

KlimaProtect shipping with GLS DE

GLS delivers its packages 100% climate-neutral as part of the KlimaProtectProgramme. This applies to all packages that are shipped. It is based on two pillars the reduction and avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions and the offsetting of unavoidable emissions to achieve climate neutrality.

Sustainable environmental policy at GO! Express & Logistics

GO! understands environmental protection as a corporate task and is committed to the careful use of natural resources and the reduction of harmful influences on the environment. This includes the use of sustainable and alternative vehicles.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics: Engagement in numerous environmentally-friendly projects

Hellmann has been operating an environmental management system for 25 years, making it one of the first logistics service providers to implement this international standard in the company. Great emphasis is placed on a range of services that reconcile the three pillars of sustainability: economy, ecology and social issues.


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